ThisĀ is another program I made for fun to play with Sudoku puzzles. Eventually I found a couple of logic rules to solve sudoku puzzles and how to express them programmatically.

Sudoku Workbench

Current Features
  • Puzzle solver: A proper Sudoku has only one solution. My solver only solves one-solution sudokus.
  • Displaying of all candidates for each unknown cell.
  • Load, save and edit sudokus.
  • Download Sudoku Workbench here (only 56KB!).
  • Download sudoku puzzles here. You can load them into Sudoku Workbench, try to resolve them by your own, or let the solver do the work.
  • 2007.07.10 – Added application icon. This one’s terrible, any suggestions?
  • 2007.07.10 – First version uploaded.
  • Implement a sudoku generator.
  • Allow step by step resolution (and or explanation).