This is a small executable I use as a playground for small utility functions I develop and to test my utility library in C++. Nothing too cool, but eventually some of my friends have found it useful.

Current Features
  • iTunes Skype bridge: Allows you to display the title and artist of the song currently playing in iTunes. Same as the “Now Playing” funcionality found in MSN Messenger. Update 2009.03.27 : This does not work with new Skype 4 series!
  • Allows you to modify the maximum number of concurrent downloads in Internet Explorer (just 2 by default).
  • Quick creation of new system users.
  • Quick removal of connected USB drives.
  • Quick unmapping of network drives.
  • Quick access to system services, device manager and task manager.
  • Hack to hide all logical drives (useless and funny!)
  • Download Corsinelli Toolset v1.0.3 here (only 195KB!).
  • 2009.03.27 – Update. New shortcuts and logical drives hack
  • 2008.01.16 – First upload to my web site. A friend of mine found the iTunes Skype bridge interesting :)
  • Comments and suggestions welcomed. Feel free to contact me at felipe at if you happen to like this program.