CommandLine Wrapper is an utility to view the output of one or multiple command line process on an scrollable and re-sizable window.
It can be configured to run any standard command line process or java applications.
It is designed to simplify starting, stopping and restarting processes very easily.

Feature details, detailed description and usage instructions to follow…

CommandLineWrapper screenshot


Download CommandLine Wrapper 1.0.14.


This is an utility I started to write many years ago (2005?), when I had to work with a Java application that threw loads of log lines to the standard output. Running this inside of a DOS window was absolutely painful, as the long lines wrapped up, it was not easy to scroll up and screen buffer was limited. I also wanted to be able to save the console output to a text file and include environment information (wanted to view the value of all environment variables defined, like PATH, JAVA_HOME, etc).
So I started coding a really simple utility that read parameters from a config file, and tried to launch a JVM instance, capturing its output and displaying it on a simple but much more effective text window.
This has proven to be an invaluable utility that has accompanied me thorough different projects and jobs. The simple idea remains there, but I have been adding functions from time to time to make it work with regular non-java applications, more efficient, fast, easy to use and configure.
I have never thought about publishing it anywhere because the idea was just way to simple. A few of my colleagues that saw it recognized the utility immediately and to be honest, last time I checked, there were nothing quite as simple and versatile to do exactly what I wanted.
So here I am, almost 10 years later, making it available to you, random visitor, or work colleague. Hope that it proves to be as useful as it is to me.